Medical Weight Loss Doctor in Joliet, IL

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Medical Weight loss Doctor in Joliet, IL

For patients who are interested in losing weight, but who have struggled to do so on their own, a medically supervised weight loss program designed by a doctor may be the answer. At Advanced Aesthetics, our medical weight loss doctor can provide important support and science-based nutrition and fitness information that will help you support your body’s overall health while also reducing your weight. If you live in the Joliet, IL area and are looking to reduce your body fat and achieve a healthier body for a happier life, our personalized approach to weight loss can help.

What is body mass index and why is it important?

Your body mass index, more often called your BMI, is a general measure of your health based on your height and weight. While not a comprehensive approach to evaluating your health, BMI can offer important insight into your overall weight loss needs. When used in conjunction with your waist circumference, BMI can provide an approximation of your total body fat percentage, so you and your doctor can develop a targeted weight loss plan. Men and women with an elevated BMI have been shown to have a higher chance of developing serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, stroke, and even certain types of cancer. It is important to remember that your BMI is not the only measurement you should use when determining your overall health.

How can I keep weight off in the long-term?

It is often easy, especially for people who are significantly overweight, to lose weight initially. However, studies have shown that many people who successfully lose weight at first will often gain back that weight in the months or years afterward. The key to maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life is to develop a lifestyle plan that is sustainable. Crash diets and intense workout regimens can certainly help people drop the pounds at the start, but theses methods are often not something that can be maintained beyond a very brief period. At Advanced Aesthetics, we rely on mindful and healthy choices that can be implemented throughout your daily life, so you can enjoy the benefits of long-term weight reduction that will elevate our mood, increase your energy, and help you feel more confident in your appearance.

Will I lose weight quickly with a medical weight loss program?

The rate of your weight loss will depend on many different factors. For most patients, weight loss will be more noticeable at the beginning of your journey. Weight loss is not a constant. As your body adjusts to your new weight, your metabolism may fluctuate, and you may plateau at certain points. It is important not to let these plateaus dissuade you from continuing your weight loss journey because the cumulative effects of your mindful nutrition and fitness regimen are not only measured by the scale, but by the improved health of your heart, reduced cholesterol levels, and more effective insulin function. At Advanced Aesthetics, we understand how important it is not only to create a dedicated weight loss plan for our patients, but also to offer compassionate and consistent support that will help them through difficult periods, so they can break through potential frustration and continue to lose weight at a sustainable pace.

If you are looking for a doctor who can provide medical weight loss programs and ongoing support in the Joliet, IL area, contact Advanced Aesthetics today to schedule a personal consultation with our medical weight loss doctor.



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